•                                    G R A N D P A R E N T S    D A Y 


        Saints Administrators, Faculty and                         In Saint Territory, our 3rd Grade Team

        Staff welcomed our grandparents to                     welcomed our wonderful grandparents 

        a  wonderful  hot  breakfast  and  a                       and great-grandparents  with  chocolate

        whole lot of love and appreciation.                        hugs and kisses and books.   

    GPD                      GPD -3-

                                             -- After breakfast laughs and fellowship. Priceless!--

                                                 GPD 4           



                                     O U R     S P E C I A L    G U E S T   

            Ben Tanner     Second grade

    Second grade is studing a unit in Science on Weather.  We invited meteorologist

    Ben Tanner from WIS TV to speak to our second grade students regarding his role

    as WIS TV meterologist and reporting the weather.